DEANNA SORTINO, Niles West High School



Digital Photography & Photoshop Boot Camp- ONLINE CLASS AND RESOURCES



Are you new to teaching digital photography? Have you been teaching it for a few years and are just looking for new projects, new methods, and new Photoshop tutorials?  Deanna Sortino will give you her entire curriculum, including step-by-step handouts, tutorials, and PowerPoints with students examples. You will be completing these photo shoots, reviewing ways to teach the camera, and going through tutorials for how to edit photos.  You will leave with 7 rock star and award winning digital photo shoots and countless tutorials and resources!



Due to COVID-19, in July, this course will all be online.  You will have the opportunity to purchase the entire curriculum or just certain parts of it, based on what you would like.  STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES!



I will be teaching manual mode on a Nikon D3400, but you will be able to transfer the information to any digital DSLR camera.  I will also be using Adobe Photoshop and will start updating the tutorials for in case your students don't have access to Adobe Photoshop.




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